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As a member of the U.S. military, you have committed yourself to serve your country. You understand better than most what it means to sacrifice. No matter what branch you serve in, you are part of keeping all citizens safe.

With the amount of sacrifice you make on a daily basis, undergoing a court-martial can be emotionally devastating. You might be confused or hurt. You may be innocent, or you may regret your error. Whatever your personal situation, a lawyer can help you navigate through the process of a San Diego area summary court-martial and help you get the result you deserve.

What is a Court Martial?

A court-martial is both a legal proceeding and the court where it takes place. It is a legal proceeding that is only for military members, but the closest analogy in civilian life is a court trial. The laws of a court-martial are laid out clearly in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. They can be complicated, and you can’t always relay on free counsel. It’s a much better idea to hire someone familiar with military law to help you.


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    What is a Summary Court Martial?

    It may not feel this way if you have received one, but a Summary Court Martial is the least serious disciplinary action. They are used for relatively minor incidents and do not result in criminal charges. There will be a single commissioned officer serving as judge and jury. You have the right to retain an attorney – which is why you are here. You or your attorney will also have the right to call witnesses, testify, produce evidence, or remain silent.

    Generally, a summary court-martial will proceed much like a civilian court trial, with witnesses, testimony, and evidence. However, you will be convincing only one individual, and the trial will take place on your San Diego base. You do have the right to refuse a summary court-martial, in which case you would likely face special courts-martial instead. A lawyer can help you determine if this would be beneficial for your unique case.

    The greatest possible sentences from a summary court-martial are one-month confinement, a reduction in rank (E-5 and above can be reduced one rank, E-4 and below can be lowered all the way to E-1), or hard labor for up to 45 days. The consequences can also be significantly less severe than those listed above.

    Why Choose Stephen Brodsky

    If you need a military lawyer in the San Diego area, look no further than Stephen Brodsky. He has decades of military law experience and was formerly a U.S. Navy JAG Corps Attorney. He’s taken more than 120 criminal cases to a jury trial and most of his clients have been found not guilty or resulted in a hung jury.

    It’s not just about winning, though. Mr. Brodsky is known for being a compassionate and tenacious lawyer who will get to know you as an individual and fight for the best possible results for you.

    As a disabled veteran himself, Stephen Brodsky has devoted his career to serving his fellow veterans. He is proud to help the servicemen and women of San Diego avoid criminal prosecutions and get the outcomes they deserve from courts-martial.