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As a military member, you deserve the highest respect for making the commitment to serve your country, no matter the personal cost. You are required to move across the nation and the world at a moment’s notice. You may have had to end relationships or suffered a serious injury due to your time in the military. Your service and commitment are commendable.

It can be to have that service and commitment rewarded with an Article 32 investigation. You went into the military to serve your country in its hour of need. I’m ready to serve you during yours.

What is a Court Martial?

As defined in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the court-martial system has three levels. There is a summary court-martial, a special court-martial, and a general court-martial, which is the most serious. Each kind is intended for different situations and comes with its own rules. Loosely, the system is similar to the court system in a civilian trial, which is just more of a reason why you’d want to work with someone experienced. If you are facing an Article 32 Investigation in San Diego, contact a lawyer with expertise in military law to help.


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    What is an Article 32 Investigation?

    Before a General Court Martial, a serious case needs to go through an Article 32 Investigation. This is a hearing before a single officer, where you will have a chance to review the evidence against you and prepare your defense. Since a General Court Martial is for serious crimes, such as rape, abuse, and homicide, you will want to be confident that you have a great lawyer on your side.

    The prosecution will be required to show that they have probable cause for the charges, and you or your lawyer will have the chance to cross-examine any witnesses against you.

    The biggest goal in one of these investigations is to convince the authority that they do not want to convene a General Court Martial. Whether you are in San Diego or anywhere else the U.S. military has responsibility, these can be a scary prospect to face. The goal is to move the case to a lower court-martial or have it entirely dismissed. Working with a lawyer during the Article 32 process gives you a better chance of having the charges dropped and is good preparation for the General Court Martial if it does happen.

    A Lawyer can help.

    If you face an Article 32 Investigation at one of the military bases in the greater San Diego area, Stephen Brodsky is the lawyer to call. As a former U.S. Navy Jag Corps Attorney, Stephen Brodsky understands how important an Article 32 Investigation is to your defense. He will work tirelessly to cross-examine witnesses, prove evidence inadmissible, and hopefully get the charges dropped or decreased in severity.

    Mr. Brodsky has devoted his legal career to protecting men and women in the military, and he understands the unique challenges that come with an Article 32 or a Court Martial. He will get to know your unique situation and help you prepare the best possible defense so that you can move on with your life. Reach out today for a consultation.