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When you enlisted in the United States military, you made a commitment to protect your fellow citizens. You promised to commit yourself to serve your nation, whether you were stationed at home or deployed to someplace far away. You chose to put your country ahead of yourself.

So, the experience of being court-martialed can be painful. You have committed yourself fully to this institution, and now you are being called before it to defend yourself. You may be angry. You may be confused. You may be hurt. No matter how you are feeling, you can get through this. If you face a special court-martial in the San Diego area, Stephen Brodsky can help you sort it out.

What is a Court Martial?

A court-martial is similar to a legal proceeding in a civilian court but run by the military. There are multiple kinds of courts-martial, and they all follow laws laid out in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It can be difficult for a layperson to understand their rights, causing many to hire an experienced military lawyer instead of relying on free counsel.

Additionally, a court martial is specific to military law, so you must get help from a military lawyer. These types of proceedings may end in a variety of disciplinary actions, none of which are minor.


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    What is a Special Court-Martial?

    A Special Court Martial is the middle tier of courts-martial. It is more serious than a summary court-martial but less serious than a general court-martial. A special court martial can be thought of as similar to a misdemeanor trial. Common cases include things such as drug use, absence without leave, assault, and disobeying orders. If you are accused of any of these at one of the bases in the San Diego area, you may be summoned to a special court-martial.

    If you have been summoned to a special court-martial, you can expect three officers and a military judge to be present. If you are enlisted, you may require that at least one of the jury members is enlisted personnel. You may also request that the trial be held by a judge alone – a military attorney can help you decide which option would be best for your situation. 

    The most severe punishment you can receive if found guilty at a special court martial is twelve months confinement. That is an outcome we want to avoid, which is why you should hire an attorney to help you navigate through this situation. You do have a right to a free military attorney, but an outside expert can ensure you have the best representation possible.

    Why Choose Stephen Brodsky

    If you have been summoned to a special court-martial at one of the many military bases in the San Diego area, you want Stephen Brodsky to represent you. He is not just an experienced military lawyer; he’s also a disabled veteran that has dedicated his career to serving military members.

    Mr. Brodsky understands the unique variables in these types of cases and can help you get the desired outcome. He currently works as a criminal defense lawyer and is well known for helping his clients avoid a guilty verdict. He will get to know you as a unique individual and develop the best possible defense for your case.

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