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Stephen Brodsky

Why choose Attorney Stephen Brodsky to defend you against false accusations under the UCMJ, against efforts to separate you administratively with an OTH discharge, represent you in a VA Disability appeal and in applications to upgrade an OTH or other bad discharge to an Honorable Discharge? Because Attorney Brodsky has practiced as a JAG Corps. attorney with the U.S. Navy and he has substantial experience representing active duty service members in courts-martial, administrative separation boards, medical and physical evaluation boards, in appeals from court-martial convictions, upgrading ‘bad paper’ discharges to Honorable Discharges, correcting false information in military personnel records and he has represented veterans in VA Disability Compensation Appeals and in criminal cases in federal and state criminal prosecutions. Over 25 years of successful results representing service members and veterans in a wide variety of legal practice areas. Mr. Brodsky has tried over 150 criminal cases to a jury verdict and over 50 General and Special courts-martial to a members or judge alone verdict. Mr Brodsky achieved over a 90 percent success rate in his trials, administrative adjudications, disability appeals compensation claims and appeals from court-martial convictions. 
The question should be why would you NOT retain Attorney Stephen Brodsky to defend or represent you in military or civilian legal matters?  With experience, comes wisdom and understanding. Don’t entrust your life and future to an inexperienced attorney with little trial experience and less experience counseling clients on pursuing legal strategies that really work and produce successful outcomes. Employ a battle-tested veteran of the military and civilian courts who will safely guide you to a successful result. Attorney Stephen  Brodsky is dedicated to helping active duty service members and veterans of all branches of the armed forces. Call his office, today, to schedule a free confidential consultation. All service members and veterans receive a 15% discount of Attorney Brodsky’s normal legal fee schedule.

Advocating For You

Stephen Brodsky is dedicating to defending veterans defeat the most challenging legal problems and obtain every disability perk available for their specific needs. With years of experience as a JAG lawyer, Stephen Brodsky has long-term experience helping disabled veterans from across the country. Do not risk mishandling your VA case. Stephen Brodsky has the expertise to help veterans with many types of VA appeals at every level.